Vehicle fleet

Noprosu fleet consist of 44 tractor DAF and Mercedes units and 29 trailers.All vehicles are maximum of 3 years of age. As a contract partner we are provided by 24hrs worldwide service. We dispose of new vehicles which stand up to highest emision limits Euro 6.

  • To economise transport costs of our customers and for enviroment safety we dispose of double decker trailers.
  • All of our vehicles are monitored by GPS-tracking.

Transport units:


Our fleet consist of 39 trailers for FTL shipments, out of which 26 are MEGA trailers with 3m hight and 24t maximum weight of load.All vehicles are equiped by on-line GPS-tracking to provide efective management of vehicle capacity to maximum as well as hight quality of service not only for „just in time“ shipments.

Coil-mulde Trailers

We undestand special needs of our customers and are prepared to offer specialised vehicles. For coil shipments we currently dispose of 10 coil-mulde trailer. These trailer units have specially adjusted floor to secure coil and have Euro-standard or MEGA dimesions.

Double Decker Trailers

In order to economise friegh of non-stockable material we offer to our customers 12 MEGA double-decker units with adjustable floor. The decking can be placed and multileveled according to our customers needs. Double-decker vehicles have capacity of 66 Euro-pallets.

Swap bodies

We understand that for many of our customers "Just In Time" deliveries are neccesary for fluent and efective production and expedition of goods. We offer 60 MEGA Swap body units to secure the system of deliveries and also for kombined and railway freight.

Sizes of the transportation trailers:

AmountCapacity (cbm)Tonnage (t)Dimensions l x w x h (m)Note
21120217,75x2,48x3,00 + 7,75x2,48x3,00Swap bodies
2120167,00x2,48x2,95 + 8,50x2,48x3,10 
110077,00x2,48x3,00 + 7,00x2,48x3,00 
251002413,60x2,48x3,00Mega trailer
512  ADR