Company History

The company history started in 1992 when the founder Josef Šusta left his position as employee and started his own business. The first vehicles were a small van and a LIAZ goods vehicle. At the beginning, the company did a distribution service for ironmonger shops or FTL - Full Truckload transports, for new or transformed companies from Varnsdorf and the surroundings.

A big leap in the company development was a contract for an international transport of textile to Turkey and Middle East. Another stepping stone was the cooperation with Craiss company. In the meantime the number of vehicles has increased to 70 transport units and ca. 100 employees. After the year 2000 the company achieved a firm place on the transport services market for companies at home and abroad.  2004 the company purchased former barracks and moved into these premises. These are being reconstructed step by step and the room for more services like storage, petrol station, car service or a restaurant is being open. At the end of 2007 the company was transformed into NOPROSU Ltd.

Year 1991 - First truck - Mates