Fuel Station

On the premises of the company there is a fuel station for passenger car and trucks. For motorists there is a shop with a common assortment of goods. A self-service vacuum car cleaner is available. We are partner of fuel card operator EuroWag and CCS. For companies we offer our own fueling cards with set discounts according to the volume of fuel. For truck drivers there is a social background, a shower and a toilet.


BA95 petrol information

We would like to inform you that from January 2024 in the Czech Republic, BA95 petrol will be available at some petrol stations will be distributed in E10 quality, however, we will not distribute this petrol at our petrol station until further notice and you can refuel with the "old" proven E5 petrol.

E10 petrol can be refuelled in almost all petrol cars manufactured after 2005, when the Euro 4 standard came into force. Detailed information on E10, compatibility and FAQs is available at www.e10info.eu.


Fuel station tel: +420 412 358 829
e-mail: cerpaci.stanice@noprosu.cz
Fuel station:
Jan Šindler  (management) tel.: +420  739242280
Miloslav Ďurovec (op. issues) tel.: +420 739242308


Opening hours:


  • Mo- Sun 07:00 am - 07:00 pm
  • outside the specified time - self-service
    fuel only - cash, credit card, local cards