Fleet park

Noprosu fleet consist of  53 tractor units and 22 trailers (Mercedes, DAF and Volvo). All vehicles are maximum of 4 years of age. As a contract partner we are provided by 24hrs worldwide service. We dispose of new vehicles which stand up to highest emision limits Euro 6.


  • To economise transport costs of our customers and for enviroment safety we dispose of double decker trailers.
  • All of our vehicles are monitored by GPS-tracking.

Transport units:

Sizes of the transportation trailers

Amount Capacity (cbm) Tonnage (t) Dimensions l x w x h (m) Note
8 120 22 7,75x2,48x3,00 + 7,75x2,48x3,00 Swap bodies
12 120 24 7,00x2,48x2,95 + 8,10x2,48x3,10 24t
19 100 24,5 13,60x2,48x3,00 Mega Low Deck
4 80 24,5 13,60x2,48x2,75 Mega Standard
1 155 42 7,75x2,48x3,00 + 13,60x2,48x2,48-3,00 Mega Liner
46 100-80 24,5 13,60x2,48x2,75-3,00 Coil Hollow Vehicles